Ubuntu 9.10 Dirilis!

dari http://www.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition puts the user at the heart of its new design


Integrates dozens of new features and improvements to take user experience to next level

LONDON, October 26, 2009: Canonical announced today the upcoming release of Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition, the latest version of the popular Linux desktop distribution. Ubuntu 9.10 will be available for free download on Thursday 29 October. Ubuntu 9.10 brings changes small and large that all have a common purpose – to make Ubuntu the most user-friendly operating system available. Ubuntu 9.10 features a redesigned, faster boot and login experience, a revamped audio framework, and improved 3G broadband connectivity, all of which contribute to a first-class user experience.

Furthermore, the innovative ‘100 Paper Cuts’ initiative organised with the Ubuntu Community allowed users to nominate minor annoyances that impacted their enjoyment of the platform. So far over 50 fixes have been committed, removing minor irritants such as inconsistent naming or poorly organised application choices. Larger scale user experience improvements include a refreshed Ubuntu Software Center, giving users better and more easily understood information about the software they have available – bringing the world of open source applications closer to the user. These improvements, in combination, have a transformative effect on the user experience.

Ubuntu 9.10 also includes the integration of ‘Ubuntu One’ as a standard component of the desktop. Ubuntu One is an umbrella name for an exciting suite of online services, which were released in beta in May 2009. Ubuntu One provides an enhanced desktop experience, simplifies backup, synchronisation, and sharing of files with an expanded set of features including Tomboy Notes and contacts synchronisation.

Ubuntu 9.10 also welcomes a host of features that make it the best platform for developers, whether professional or casual. Developers interested in writing applications that run on Ubuntu now have a simplified toolset called ‘Quickly’ which makes it fun and easy by automating many of the mundane tasks involved in programming. Quickly also helps users ‘package’ the code and distribute it through the Ubuntu software repositories. Ubuntu developers will now find all code hosted in the Bazaar version control system, which is part of the fully open source Launchpad collaboration website. It’s never been easier to develop on or for Ubuntu.

Netbook and smartbook users will be delighted by improvements to the Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix (UNR) interface which continues to raise the bar in delivering the easiest, most discoverable and most useful user experience on small form machines. Common with Ubuntu 9.10 for desktops, UNR will integrate the Empathy instant messaging program for text, voice, video, and file transfers which will make communication more enjoyable then ever.

“Ubuntu 9.10 gives users more reasons than ever to seriously consider Linux at a time when many are thinking again about their operating system options. We are delivering a platform for users interested in an easy-to-use, great-looking, web-friendly operating system,” says Jane Silber, COO at Canonical. “A faster, more beautiful boot and login sequence, file and contact synchronisation through online services and great experiences on the most popular notebook, desktop and netbook models continue to drive Ubuntu into the mainstream of computing choices.”

More Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition release highlights:

  • Faster, simplified, better-looking boot experience for most users
  • Audio revamp allowing improved sound control across multiple applications
  • Firefox 3.5: latest, fastest, most secure web browser yet from Mozilla

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About Canonical

Canonical provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu partners and customers worldwide. As the company behind the Ubuntu project, Canonical is committed to the production and support of Ubuntu – an ever-popular and fast-growing open-source operating system. It aims to ensure that Ubuntu is available to every organisation and individual on servers, desktops, laptops and netbooks.

Canonical partners with computer hardware manufacturers to certify Ubuntu, provides migration, deployment, support and training services to businesses, and offers online services direct to end users. Canonical also builds and maintains collaborative, open-source development tools to ensure that organisations and individuals can participate fully in innovations within the open-source community. For more information, please visit www.canonical.com.



originally taken from http://www.lyrics-tabs.com/d/dreamtheater-tabs-010361219/disappear-tabs-0065354481.html


Artist: Dream Theater Tabs
Song Tabs : Disappear

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
# song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

This song is great, I think it's one of the best from this 
6th DT studio release. It is very easy to play. 
I'm not too sure about the chords in parenthesis, because of
those noisy keyboard parts, but they should sound well.
This sounds great played on an acoustic guitar!
Normal tuning (EBGDAE)
Acoustic tone  
Strum the chords 

    Dm       G       Am        C

    Dm   G                   Am   C
    Why, tell me the reasons why
    Dm   G                  Am     C  
    Try, still I don't understand
    Dm   G               Am      C
    Will I ever feel this again
    Dm   G    Am                   C
    Blue sky, I'll meet you in the end
    Dm   G     Am                   C 
    Free them, free the memories of you
    Dm   G   Am                     C
    Free me, and rest 'til I'm with you

    (F)            (B)  
       A day like today
               (Am)      (G)
       My whole world has been changed
      (F)         (Bb)
       Nothing you say
               (E)      (F)
       Will help ease my pain

    Dm    G                     Am     C  
    Turn, I'll turn this slowly round
    Dm    G                  Am     C 
    Burn, burn to feel alive again
    Dm   G                     Am   C
    She, she'd want me to move on
    Dm  G   Am                   C  
    See me, this place I still belong
 Dm      G        Am                     C
    Give chase, to find more than I have found
 Dm     G     Am                  C  
    And face, this time now on my own

(F)          (B)
    Days disappear
          (Am)        (G)  
    And my world keeps changing
(F)           (Bb) 
    I feel you here
          (E)      (F)     B
    And it keeps me sane

Bbm               C#   
    So I'm moving on
    I'll never forget
           Fm             Ab
    As you lay there and watched me
Bbm               C#
    Accepting the end
    I knew you were scared
             Fm             Ab
    You were strong I was trying
Bbm               C#
    I gave you my hand
                C#                     Fm     Ab  
    I said it's okay letting go time to leave here
Bbm               C#  
    And I'll carry on
                    C#                     Fm
    The best that I can without you here beside me
C#               F#   Eb  F
    Let him come take you home

 Dario Di Martino      

Google-Chrome di Linux?

Penasaran ingin mencoba Google-Chrome yang linux native?

The following link will actually helps :


Note that it is an unstable version. But … it works!

Saya coba di OpenSuse 11.1. Simple straight forward proses instalasinya. Hanya saya belum nemu cara meletakkan icon Google Chrome di Desktop atau Menu OpenSuse. Jadi saya mesti ketik “google-chrome” via console 😦

Can’t wait the stable release!

Icip-icip Handphone “Mito 2000 Luxberry” …

Mengikuti “booming” pasar Blackberry di Indonesia, muncul pula fenomena ponsel-ponsel bernuansa smart phone besutan RIM itu. Dimulai oleh Nexian Berry -saat pameran di JCC awal tahun antrian pembeliannya panjang banget- dan kemudian diikuti oleh merek2 lain seperti lain seperti misalnya IMO dan yang sedang saya pakai adalah MITO.

Ini bermula pada “kebosanan” saya pada “touch screen” dan kerepotan saya yang harus membawa dua ponsel kemana-mana. “Touch screen” kurang cepat sedangkan membawa dua ponsel kemana2 amat mengganggu karena memenuhi saku sehingga saya terpaksa mesti bawa tas pinggang.

Saya bukan fans Blackberry, karena buat saya Windows Mobile sudah cukup nyaman sehingga saya tidak terlalu tertarik pada penawaran ponsel-ponsel yang menjual “booming” Blackberry tersebut. Tapi ketika ternyata mereka juga menawarkan fitur “dual GSM” …. tuing, otak saya langsung memberi sinyal jangan-jangan ini yang saya cari. Solusi murah dan merinding …. hihihii

Ada dua hal kenapa saya pilih MITO 2000 Luxberry ini. Yang pertama ini paket paling murah dan yang kedua penawarannya cocok dengan kebutuhan saya yakni Indosat dan Telkomsel -paket yang saya ambil mengharuskan SIM Card Indosat harus menjadi SIM Card pertama.  Tambahan, ponsel ini sudah QWERTY dan bisa facebook lagi … hihihii.

Berikut comments saya setelah beberapa minggu bersahabat dengan MITO 2000 Luxberry ini:

  1. Kurang “user friendly” (-)
    Perlu waktu untuk membiasakan diri untuk mengoperasikan ponsel ini. Contohnya: saya sempat kesulitan untuk melakukan adjustment volume. FYI, untuk ukuran ponsel volume MITO ini termasuk kenceng!
  2. Battery cepet banget habis (-)
    Mungkin karena “dipaksa” standby untuk dua SIM Card. Solusi battery cadangan dan bawa charger amat membantu.
  3. Touch Screen kurang sensitive (-)
    Kadang perlu ditekan agak keras baru mau.
  4. Kalo di sinar matahari, screen ngga keliatan (-)
  5. Dual GSM berfungsi baik (+)
  6. Kamera VGA cukup lah (+)
  7. Model mirip Blackberry 🙂 (+)
  8. Untuk internet, mempergunakan GPRS dan dilengkapi fitur -meski saya lebih senang menyebutnya “shortcut” ke- Facebook, eBuddy dan Yahoo! Kalo masih kurang, tersedia Opera Mini. Cukuplah, bisa online 🙂 (+)
  9. Multimedia: radio FM dan music player yang lumayan OK (+)
  10. Bonus: Micro SD Card dan earphone (+)
  11. Relative murah! (+)

Overall comment saya: valuenya sesuai lah … dengan harga segitu ponsel ini functionalitynya sudah cukup buat saya -paling tidak untuk saat ini. Sampai saya menemukan ponsel/smart phone lain impian yang OS-nya Windows Mobile 6, dilengkapi Organizer, connectivity lengkap, dan berkeyboard QWERTY.