Ubuntu 12.10 sudah Rilis (ternyata) …

Hampir saja tenggelam oleh hiruk pikuknya rilis Windows 8
taken from canonical website

Ubuntu Server 12.10: all you need for cloud

Ubuntu 12.10 Server gives cloud developers and enterprises easy access to the latest open cloud technology, including OpenStack Folsom

Ubuntu 12.10 breaks down the barrier between the PC and the web

  • Ubuntu 12.10 integrates the desktop and the Internet, enabling people to easily access content and applications – whether the live locally or online.

  • Ubuntu 12.10 makes it possible to integrate the most popular web-based applications as if they were native applications

  • Ubuntu 12.10 is the perfect alternative for anyone considering a move to Windows 8 – providing a modern operating system that works naturally across devices.

London 18th October, 2012: Canonical today announces the desktop version of Ubuntu 12.10, the latest release of the popular open source operating system, will be available for public download on the 18th October 2012. As part of Canonical’s objective to make all content easier to access, Ubuntu 12.10 introduces innovations that bring together desktop and cloud-based experiences, representing the next stage in the transition to a multi-device, cloud-based world.

When searching for documents in the Ubuntu 12.10 Dash, for example, users can see results from online services like Google Drive, as well as files saved on their hard drives. The Online Accounts feature allows authentication to online sites so that content like photos from Flickr accounts and contacts from Facebook can all be searched instantly by the Dash. The Dash can also search both paid and free content from Amazon and the Ubuntu One Music Store such as music, videos or any product be it digital or physical. The results are displayed in a separate section labelled, ‘More Suggestions’.

Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical comments; “Ubuntu 12.10 is the operating system for the multi-device era. It makes life significantly easier for users by adapting Ubuntu to the way people really access their content today: online and on the hard drive, at work and at home, on the phone and, of course, on the PC. As consumers and businesses consider their upgrade options, Ubuntu 12.10 offers an easier, faster alternative to competing desktop operating systems.”

Elsewhere in the release, new Previews give large, clear previews of content as it appears in the Dash search results, giving users a quick way to get more information to help find what they are looking for. For example, previewing an album that the Dash has found in the Ubuntu One Music Store reveals a track listing and the option to listen – all without leaving the preview. If the content is of interest, users can then choose to click through, download or purchase from online retailers.

The new Web Apps feature offers unprecedented integration between the desktop and online environment, by making frequently-used web applications like Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, eBay and GMail available through the desktop, without launching a browser separately. Making web applications behave like their desktop counterparts gives the user a faster experience and reduces the proliferation of browser tabs and windows that can quickly make browsing unmanageable.

Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service, is integrated and now available as a native app on Mac OS-X as beta, as well as Windows, iOS and Android. With 5GB storage free, it’s one more way to access documents, music, photos and videos, wherever you are. Ubuntu One’s new referrals programme, means that it’s possible to get even more storage in return for recommending new users. New APIs mean that application developers can make use of synchronisation features in their own apps.

A new remote log-in option now gives users the alternative of logging into a Citrix, VMWare or Microsoft desktop running on a desktop virtualisation server. Ubuntu 12.10 can thereby be used as a thin client by businesses that want to virtualise their desktop applications and deliver them to users over the network.

Ubuntu 12.10 can be downloaded at www.ubuntu.com/download and is available from the 18th October 2012.

Ubuntu 12.10 is available globally for public download from October 18th 2012 BST.
To download Ubuntu 12.10, visit: www.ubuntu.com/download


Install LAMP server di Ubuntu 12.04: Makin Mudah Saja

Menurut wikipedia:

LAMP adalah istilah yang merupakan singkatan dari Linux, Apache, MySQL dan Perl/PHP/Phyton. Merupakan sebuah paket perangkat lunak bebas yang digunakan untuk menjalankan sebuah aplikasi secara lengkap.

Komponen-komponen dari LAMP:

  • Linux sebagai sistem operasi
  • Apache HTTP Server sebagai web server
  • MySQL sebagai sistem basis data
  • Perl atau PHP atau Pyton sebagai bahasa pemrograman yang dipakai.

Dibanding pengalaman saya beberapa tahun lalu, proses instalasinya amat jauuuhhh lebih mudah. Jika dulu, kita mesti install satu-satu. Tentu mesti install/punya OS linux dulu. Lanjut install Apache, install PHP, baru kemudian MySQL.

Sekarang cukup ketik command berikut di terminal: sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Saya ikuti step by step di blog ini http://setupguides.blogspot.com/2012/04/install-lamp-in-ubuntu-1204.html, pretty straight forward dan boom! It works!

Betapa makin mudahnya teknologi.