Bad Sierra OS Upgrade -near ‘reinstall’ situation :-)

This morning today I just had a bad experience with my MacBook pro. I am using quite old -early 2011- version of MacBook Pro for daily work and so far it is working fine. It is running on Sierra OS and I have no complaint about it until this morning.

I recently received an alert from the system that new software updated available and last week -I think- I did follow the instruction to updated my mac. The update went fine, no problem until this morning. I shut down the machine normally yesterday. But this morning when I try to boot my machine, something strange happened. I cannot find my users to log in! Not only that, I cannot find others users list as well. There were only two blank field where I tried to enter my user name and my password (it is an admin account) and it is not working. Tried to reboot it several times but no luck.

I did some quick research on google and found that some users had experienced this same issues sometimes in year 2016 on Sierra 10.12.2. That’s weird considering that I only have this problem on recent Sierra update -10.12.5 last week end!

There were some recommendations provided on the internet or apple support. After read it thoroughly -well to reinstall the OS is my very last option- I decided to do this recommendation. At least I try it first 🙂



To reset the password for a user in recovery mode, and to keep data, you may type ‘resetpassword‘ into the terminal which can be found by clicking on the top menu under utilities

Note that while doing the password reset steps, you will be asked to provide your iCloud password.

I never tried to use the mac recovery mode before. Basically during the booting, you have to press Cmd-R buttons and you will have the recovery screen. There you can choose your recovery options including recovery from backup (Mac call it as “Time Machine”).

So I followed the instruction and did the “resetpassword” steps, restart and try my new password but still not working. After some more booting, and finally it works!

Not sure what’s really happened, but some said that the update has affected the user account folder on mac.

I have used OSX since Mountain Lion in 2011. Based on my experience, the worst version is Maverick. I think I wrote about that in this blog also. After some versions upgrade, this is the first problem I had. Quite disappointing though.

But I guess it is still better that Windows, I think 🙂


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